MENSA and KEVA Planks

Brain Bending Creativity

MENSA invited KEVA planks to their Annual Gathering.  Massive creativity ensued.  You don't need to be MENSA to enjoy KEVA.  Autistic Kids can build alongside gifted kids and all will have a great time.  Everyone builds at their own skill level.  That's the magic of KEVA. 


Better Than I Could Have Imagined

"They still haven't processed the pictures yet, but wow!  They were such a hit!  The tallest tower we got was just over 6 feet because they kids wanted to start over with all the possibilities.  The ratings were all 5s (as high as it goes), and I am thrilled. When we get the pictures ready, I'll send some.  We're working on the Choice Awards and how that will happen, but I will tell you that it was rated one of the top two toys there.  Next year, we're using the blocks as a core piece of the program.  We ended up having to get them out again and again because the kids (and adults!) couldn't get enough.  One of the teachers is a woodworker, and when he opened the box, he said, "They're maple!  Wow!" He was so impressed with them.  Wonderful!  It went better than I could have imagined - it was so flexible - the littlest ones had as much fun as the older kids.  This is one amazing product. Congratulations on creating something so amazing."

 Lisa Van Gemert

Gifted Youth Specialist, Mensa Foundation