Art Education

Art Education

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 First Year Art Teacher

"Thank you so much for KEVA planks.  The kids all love building with them.  I don’t think I would have survived my first 9 weeks without them!  Especially with the younger grades- when they finish a project early they just want to build with KEVA planks.  I have hundreds of pictures I can send you."

 A. Denherter - Lansing, MI  - r 

                     Easy Art Activities - click for the pdf

                     Easy Art Activities - click for the pdf


KEVA planks take the mess and stress out of sculpture creation.  Instant set up - No drop cloth or material collecting.  In 2 minutes they can be creating.  Instant cleanup - all the planks are the same and go back into the same container.   Use it as a fill in activity between other projects or the "go to" station when students finish a project early.  


From a Single Unit - Infinite Possibilities


KEVA planks Professional Development Workshops for every Art Teacher in Fairfax County Public Schools, VA.  

Great for all ages and ability levels 

"The Keva Planks have been a HUGE hit at my school.    I have found them to be great for all ages and ability levels.  They are helpful for fine motor practice and basic counting for special needs students.  .  I see Keva Plank projects as a way to foster these behaviors in all students, even those who usually have difficulty working well with others."   more

 JM Galing - Art Teacher

Fairfax County Public Schools