When Dreamworks Animation calls...

The Shrek Castle - Our largest, most complex structure, ever

Shrek Castle w Ken.jpg

I received a phone call from Stage Nine Exhibits, "Could you make something out of KEVA planks that resembles any part of Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon or Kung Fu Panda?"   They were putting together a traveling exhibit about animation that would feature Dreamworks productions.   They wanted something spectacular to look at and lots of loose KEVA planks so people could enjoy an interactive experience building something themselves.   Every Dreamworks movie begins with a scale model of the setting for the story.   The animators need to be able to physically move around the set to visualize camera angles, staging etc.   Below see our visit to Dreamworks Animation Studios when we provided a KEVA planks creative session with the Dreamworks staff.  

Touring the USA

Stage Nine exhibit featuring Dreamworks Animation and KEVA planks will travel the country for three years. The most recent venue was the LA County Fair which is attended by 500,000 people each year.