Early Childhood

For All Ability Levels 

"The Keva Planks have been a HUGE hit at my school.    I have found them to be great for all ages and ability levels.  They are helpful for fine motor practice and basic counting for special needs students.  .  I see Keva Plank projects as a way to foster these behaviors in all students, even those who usually have difficulty working well with others."   

 JM Galing

Fairfax County Public Schools

KEVA® Planks for Early Childhood Development

Every early childhood teacher knows that young children love to play with blocks.   Most  kindergarten classrooms have traditional cardboard bricks and unit blocks.  Teachers who have added KEVA planks to their room find that an entirely new type of building exploration takes place.  The concentration level tends to intensify.  The simplicity of only having one block size to work with somehow frees up the imagination. 

If you are a teacher , you are probably well aware of the developmental benefits for the child.   Below are a few links that better describe and document those benefits. You may find these helpful if you are requesting funds or writing a grant to purchase KEVA planks.

The National Association of Educators of Young Children has an excellent summary or the benefits of block play.    Click here to read it

The University of Idaho had been a leader in researching block play.  They explore many different types of blocks and the long term benefits.  Activities that engage a 5 year old student now may effect that student's understanding of calculus. This is an interesting website with innovative ideas.  Click here to visit Blockfest

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