KEVA Hacks

You'd better ask Mom...


KEVA Hacks (in a good way)

What is KEVA Hacking?

The unauthorized unofficial clever innovative uses of KEVA planks in ways other than standard non glued construction activities.  Hacking often involves glue, paint, markers, saws, drills  or hardware.  It may render the planks unusable for standard structures and contraptions.  We're OK with it if you're OK with it.  Although "hacking" was traditionally used in a negative term for people who broke into computers where they did not belong,  hacking has developed a new positive meaning over the last few years.  

Breyer Horse Roundup


Pencil Holder with woodburning

Coffee Table Mini KEVA Bin

Post Card Holder  

Paper Tray

If you like KEVA...

If you like the creative, innovative, artistic scientific personality of KEVA planks,  you'll probably like the MAKER movement.  Visit a Maker Faire event near you.  Browse projects ideas you can make in Make: magazine or explore how to bring the Maker philosophy to your school with the Maker Education Initiative.  Some Maker clubs use KEVA planks as part of the creative process.