KEVA planks, the military and PTSD

We honor our service members who sacrifice for the good of our nation.  KEVA is proud to be a small part of the solution for soldiers who have suffered emotionally or physically from their service.  Contact us for more information about Therapeutic uses of KEVA planks.

Extremely Helpful During 

Therapeutic Sessions

"I need to thank you for the set of KEVA planks you gave me to try out with our Service Members.  [At the American Art Therapy Association Conference]   They have been extremely helpful during therapeutic sessions, particularly in building rapport (nice pun) and with those who are working on dexterity, as well as the occasional Service Members who are resistant to the art initially.  I have some pretty incredible photos of the things the Service Members have built.  I even had to set up a special session with a Service Member that involved a ladder and a hard-headed goal of reaching the NICoE ceiling.  Haha.

Anyway, I definitely plan on ordering one of your big bins of planks and thank you for your attendance at AATA and recognizing that KEVA Planks may be a beneficial modality for this population.

Hope you are well and I would love to be in touch."

M. Walker,  MA ATR
Art Therapist/Healing Arts Program Coordinator